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The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda

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Information: 260 pages, paperback

They say: Carlos Castaneda, one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century, will take you on an amazing journey of the soul. In this compelling book, he reveals that, like the layers of an onion, there are worlds existing within our own that can be visited through dreams.

Based on six years of study and meditation and the teachings of the great sorcerer Don Juan, The Art of Dreaming is an extraordinary and exciting adventure of the psyche unlike any other. Using powerful ancient techniques to alter his state of consciousness, Castaneda travels into new worlds where he encounters remarkable but dangerous beings. He conjoins energy bodies with another dreamer in order to dream and explore, and thus acquires new knowledge and understanding of our multi-layered world. The Art of Dreaming enables you to participate fully in his eye-opening and thrilling discoveries and explorations, and you will find it impossible to view the world in quite the same way after reading it.

'We are incredibly fortunate to have Carlos Castaneda's books ... One can't exaggerate the significance of what he has done.' The New York Times

'Carlos Castaneda is one of the most profound and influential thinkers of his century. His insights are paving the way for the future evolution of human consciousness. We should all be deeply indebted to him.' Deepak Chopra

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The Art of Dreaming - Carlos Castaneda
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Those who have read Castaneda before will understand that this type of book has a uniqueness not replicated by other works of the genre. It is impossible to categorise this book. It is about adventures into another world, but one should not think that this means an easily acquired method for creating fantasies of the mind. Nor is it about simply recording and interpreting dreams. Castaneda spent six years under the tutelage of his mentor and guide, don Juan Matus, a Mexican Yaqui sorcerer, learning quite complex techniques for accessing other realities. His explorations are fraught with risk, however, as he encounters strange and dangerous inorganic beings. These explorations of the psyche prove to be highly advantageous but not for the faint-hearted.

This book tells us much about the expansiveness of the human consciousness and, as such, is a valuable contribution to the studies of the Self. It is not always an easy read as we have become accustomed to reading only about the joys rather than about the dangers of psychic journeys. On the other hand there is a quality within the 260 pages of the book that impresses upon the reader the truth that here is something profound, something uniquely revelatory about the human capacity for self-understanding.

The book is written in the engaging characteristic style associated with Castaneda, the accounts of discussions with don Juan, the illustrative experiences of Castaneda himself, and the cliff-hanging paragraphs at the end of the chapters. It can be read quickly but, if one seriously wishes to use the material for personal discovery, then there is much that can be used for more detailed work. This book is not for everybody, but, for those who love Castaneda and the extent of "sorcery" then this book is a masterpiece.

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