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Archangel Michael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Pack information: 44 card deck with 107 page good quality booklet both contained within a solid box.
Card dimensions: 89 x 127 mms

Back of Archangel Michael pack says: Archangel Michael is a beloved, powerful protector and trustworthy guide. He knows your life's purpose and the best steps for you to take next. The 44 cards in this deck feature messages for you from Michael and beautiful paintings of this magnificent angel. You'll also receive answers to your most pressing questions and concerns. An accompanying guidebook gives you step-by-step instructions on how to conduct accurate, safe, and incredibly healing readings for yourself and others.

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Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist who works with the angelic realm. A clairvoyant since childhood, Doreen teaches people practical ways to work with the Angels to heal their lives. She has appeared on countless TV talk shows in the US, where she is frequently referred to as 'The Angel Lady.' Dr Virtue gives angel readings at workshops throughout the world; and she teaches audience members how to see, hear, feel, and know their guardian angels.

Archangel Michael - Protection, courage, strength, truth, integrity
Michael was the first angel that God created and is the head and leader of all the archangels. Archangel Michael is often depicted carrying a flaming sword and this sword is used to cut through etheric cords and protect against harm and evil. Archangel Michael’s role is to offer protection – physically, emotionally and psychically – and to help rid the earth of fear, anxiety and harmful toxins.

The ray of light associated with Archangel Michael is that of the blue ray of protection. If you feel in need of protection, then call on Archangel Michael and ask to be protected with the blue ray of light – you may even get to see flashes or blue light or small sparks of blue. Many lightworkers work regularly with Archangel Michael. As well as being a protective figure, he’s also associated with courage, strength, truth and integrity.

According to Christian beliefs, Michael was involved in various monumental occasions. For example, it was Michael that helped teach Adam, in the Garden of Eden, to care for his family and farm the land and he spoke to Moses on the Mount of Sinai.

The names of all the archangels finish with the letters, "el", which mean, "in God."

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Archangel Michael Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue
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5 out of 5 By
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There are so many oracle decks on the market that it must be very difficult to decide which one to purchase without actually using them first. It is easy to choose the prettiest without knowing how effective they can be from a practical point of view. Doreen Virtue would not design a deck that did not have what to her are essential qualities. With this deck she has certainly applied those qualities. Firstly, it is a very attractive deck. The pictures are beautiful. They are works of art in themselves. There are pictures, in striking colours, of angelic figures of various kinds. There are gentle, studious characters, stunning feminine angels and warrior types, together with the more traditional ethereal personages. The cards themselves are edged in gold which, when held all together, feel like one is grasping something of great value. Secondly, the cards work well. There is no need for a complicated spread. Just to pick one card at random is sufficient. The advice on each card is valuable in itself. Each card has a statement of advice followed by a prayer asking for help on the issue raised by the card. There are three-card spreads and seven-card spreads too should you wish for something more detailed. The meanings of the cards are clear and there are brief lists of possible more specific meanings applicable to certain situations.
Who could benefit from these cards? Anyone and everyone. Doreen Virtue is an excellent designer of such cards and, although she has produced a number of similar decks, this one is once again a masterpiece.
5 out of 5 By
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These cards are beautifully presented and edged in gold. The artwork is of extremely high quality, the printing is well defined and carries great breadth of colour. These cards are accompanied by a small booklet which outlines principles to use when reading this deck. The whole focus of the deck is towards prayer and guidance it shows us how we may look within circumstance and find help, meaning and teaching towards managing our daily lives. I do like these cards very much they are such that they may be used in a variety of ways perhaps by working fully intuitively or reading the prayer and affirmation.
The cards so allow us opportunity to look within our inner self and thus open us to potential and understanding of the broadness of perspective that know as our life journey. The backs of the cards are nicely illustrated and the turned cards will each give a declaration of focus with an accompanying illustration of lasting beauty.
Underneath each card lies a prayer which fits perfectly with the whole and above stands the affirmation.
My feeling is that these cards are very useful and will be loved by anyone who finds affinity towards Angelic Realms. I will happily use this deck for my own personal guidance and have no difficultly recommending this deck for anyone who seeks insight of towards the managing of life events.
This is a brilliant deck and anyone beginner or not will find much of clarity and assistance by using these cards.
5 out of 5 By
These cards are excellent quality and are really beautiful, the artwork is amazing. I have used these cards for a reading, and the cards answered my question. I can't wait to do another reading they draw me to them. I highly recommend a purchase of these cards.The price is very good and the packaging and delivery is second to none. Excellent. Thank you.
5 out of 5 By
Art work is lovely! It always amazes me how true the cards are. I wanted to write a review for these cards but couldn't think how best to write it. Reread 'Len Leaper's review and will have to say I agree and he explains it perfectly.
5 out of 5 By
These cards have beautifull illustrations, when I first saw these cards I took to them instantly, a joy to work with x
5 out of 5 By
This is a fantastic deck. Its beautifully illustrated, they feel great to shuffle and the right cards ALWAYS come. If you have trouble with your messages instead of picking out cards, do what i do, shuffle till cards fall out. That way you cant use your judgement, simply your intuition, and as you didn't physically pick it, you will trust the messages more, you have no control of them falling out so they cant be wrong!
I use them everyday the messages are so positive and am using this deck to give free readings.

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