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    Total running time: 82 minutes

    They say: Hands-on healing is a natural and safe help for animals that anyone can tune into. Sharing universal healing energy with animals helps us to draw closer to them. There are many benefits that healing can bring to help emotionally, mentally and physically.

    This DVD featuring Magrit Coates the world's leading animal healer, explains the methods used in healing with animals. It is highly recommended whether you are new to healing or an experienced practitioner.

    Animal Healing features:

    - Explanation of healing for animals and how it works
    - Animal chakras
    - Sections on how to give healing to:

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Horses

  • Rabbits

  • Guinea pigs etc
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    DVD: ANIMAL HEALING - Magrit Coates
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    This is a lovely DVD. I have practised healing for several years but have always been hesitant about healing animals. This DVD makes animal healing seem so straightforward and simple. The major benefit I acquired from watching this was the gaining of confidence. There are also pitfalls, especially with regard to the law and veterinary practice, that this DVD is keen to underline. The DVD is, however, not concerned only with the practical aspects of healing, though these are very important. There is also theoretical information presented alongside the practical advice. It had never occurred to me, for example, that animals also had Chakra points, and that if they did exist, where they would be found.

    The DVD is colourful, well presented, and enjoyable to watch. If, like me, you are a healer and have not yet tackled the issue of animal healing then this DVD will be of tremendous help. If you come from another experience, perhaps an animal lover who wishes to be a more hands on helper to your pets or charges, then this will be of equal value to you. For those who want to know quite simply what is involved in the subject then this is an informative and perhaps, unique, presentation.

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