Small 3D Catcher Necklace with Turquoise Nugget & Feather (Sterling Silver)

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Origin: Authentic Native American jewellery, made by the Navajo in the USA.

Dimensions: Dream catcher diameter 1 inch (2.5 cm). Feather about 1.5 cms long. 3D dreamcatcher has central turquoise nugget interwoven into the dreamcatcher. Liquid silver chain approximately 18 inches (45 cms) long with six decorative turquoise nuggets.

We say: This design is very intricate with two dreamcatchers woven together with a central turquoise nugget. This design creates a 3D effect and highlights the delicate structure of the dream catcher. 

The liquid silver chain also has in total six turquoise nuggets set into it - arranged three on each side of the central dream which add colour to this unique design. 

Other information: Comes complete with liquid silver chain, as shown in the photograph. Liquid silver is a term used to describe a type of sterling silver chain made from tiny tubes of silver strung together

This matches the small dreamcatcher earrings that we also sell.

More About Turquoise
Turquoise is said to be a perfect balance of male and female force and has a restful, soothing energy. Due to its balanced nature, it's a good stone to have around during the development of psychic and spiritual skills as it reminds us to be more aware of our intuition without losing track of earthly reality. As a tool, it can be beneficial for astral travellers or meditators. Additionally, the peaceful energy can remind us to try and remain calm during emotional unrest and develop friendships rather than enemies.

More About the Symbol of the Feather
Feathers are used consistently throughout Native American crafts and ceremonial tools. Birds fly inbetween the earth and the sky and as such feathers represent this connection between us as humans and Great Spirit. Of course a feather is not essential to contact God or be in tune with Spirit. It is a tool - a reminder. Feathers are like a link. You can hold them while praying, you can use a feather to brush smudge smoke over you for cleansing the aura and can have them in crafts and jewellery about you to remind you that you are always connected to Spirit. 

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