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Born in a small mining village in South Yorkshire in 1952, on Halloween (or Samhuinn), Vernon Marshall was always interested in things spiritual. He spent many years studying different sacred paths and has been involved with a number of religious movements. He also, as a young man, pursued several lines of work, including catering, insurance, working in a fish shop, and even beach photography. He studied to become, first a teacher and then a Unitarian Minister, though this label fails to define his breadth of commitment. He also has links with the Independent Sacramental Movement and with Spiritualism.

Academically, he had poor examination results from school yet managed in later to acquire five degrees, including a doctorate from the University of Derby. He has interests in many directions including Esoteric Christianity, Druidry, Theosophy and Celticism. He is Chief Druid of the Pendle Grove of Druids, a group associated with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids that meets on Pendle Hill for the eight traditional annual festivals. He is a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master of Usui and Celtic Reiki, as well as being trained in Holistic Healing, Stress Counselling and Meditation Therapy. Vernon is also a dowser and a Tarot reader. He has written several books, including The Larger View, a book about the integration of insights and practices from the world’s religions, and In Praise of the Mystic Dancer, a book of devotional material to the deity written in different cultural languages.

Vernon is married to Martine and has a grown up daughter. He has had a long battle in his life with clinical depression and now seeks to pass on his wisdom in dealing with it to others through spiritual guidance and counselling. He is also a nature-lover and loves to wander across the Pennines, talking to the trees and wild flowers.

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The Meaning of the Empress Tarot Card with Video

Vernon Marshall looks at the symbology, meaning & energy behind the Empress Tarot Card. It's connected with abnudance, creation & much more. (Includes video).

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