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As a child, Diana saw a glittery box underneath the sofa, which mysteriously disappeared, when she gave her mother the magical command to “come and see”. Mum was convinced Diana was imagining things, but the box appeared real. Her fatal fascination with the mystical world had therefore just begun! It continued at school, working out friends’ ‘star signs’ and finding they often fitted their zodiac descriptions. Libran Jane was beautiful and aloof; Capricorn Chris, reserved, but constant.

Her first ‘Tarot’ contact was with a tiny stack of 1970s art-deco, papery cards, free with Jackie, magazine. ‘Proper’ study followed, with ‘real’ decks – Prediction Tarot, with Sasha Fenton’s book; the Rider Waite and Aleister Crowley Thoth, snapped up en route to astrology classes in Bloomsbury – from which she earned the Company of Astrologers Certificate in Advanced Horoscopy and set up as a professional consultant. Her dream-come-true included working as a media astrologer and writer of mind-body-spirit material, for a Docklands media company. She was encouraged to write about many different areas and she did!

By 1999, however, she needed a fresh focus and sought insight from a psychic medium, who recognised her as one of the new Tarot readers she had been told about, who were destined to lead Tarot in a different direction. The Internet had arrived and YahooGroups put Diana in touch with others who shared her passion for developing resources for Tarot readers. Together, they co-founded TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles), offering a friendly arena for Tarot learning and practice, through mentoring, training, networking and publications.

Diana’s current passions include a healthy lifestyle, promoting physical and mental vitality, peace of mind and better relationships. Professionally, she writes for websites, books and magazines, is an editor and mentor with Writers’ Workshop and gives talks and consultations at Champneys Forest Mere spa resort.

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