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Fragrance Oils & Natural Perfume

In this section we have our wide range of unique and highly concentrated fragrance oils. Because these are oil-based, they smell stronger and tend to last longer than traditional alcohol based perfumes. Our Kuumba Made fragrances are created using the oils and resins of flowers, plants, roots and trees. Whilst our Buddha Beauty Pulse Point Roller Balls are made using a blend of essential oils. 

Choosing a Fragrance
Choosing a fragrance is personal, like choosing an outfit, jewellery or your makeup - everyone is different. Your natural body chemistry is unique, meaning the way a fragrance smells on you may smell different on someone else and can react depending on things like your body temperature, diet or life style. We have tried to place each fragrance into its own group such as Fresh, Citrus, Woody etc, under the product description; so if you have a favorate perfume that's sweet or floral for instance, it's a good idea to pick one that falls into the same group. If you are not sure of the fragrance you would like, we would recommend buying a mini sample first.

Apply a few drops of the fragrance to your skin and then wait a few minutes to allow the aroma to breathe. You may find that a scent can be carried further when the temperature is warm; many people prefer wearing a heavier scent in winter and a lighter fragrance in summer.

Choosing a Pulse Point Roller Ball
These have been created to aid in all of life's little stresses, so whether you're in need of some stress busting, a pick me up or a sleep aid, there's a wide variety of blends to choose from.

  • Lavender Lace Fragrance Oil