Smudge Sticks & Native Herbs

In Native American culture, smudge sticks are widely used in special smudging ceremonies to clear negative energies and attract more positive energy. A variety of herbs are used, each with their own specific effect. 

Whether you're into Native traditions or not, smudge sticks can be a useful tool to use. For example, smudge sticks can be used to cleanse the aura before meditation or prayer, or by body workers and therapists before treatments. They're also ideal to use for cleansing a house or dwelling and are often used in this way in Feng Shui. Sage or white sage are popular ingredients, but other herbs such as cedar, juniper, frankincense, sweetgrass and many more can be added to bring in extra properties and dimensions.

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Herbs and Plants in the Native American tradition have many ceremonial uses. Each plant brings a different energy and consciousness. Some herbs can be burnt directly, like the loose white sage. While others like cedar, lavender, red willow and sweetgrass burn more easily on hot charcoal tablets, which you will also see listed below. Blue Corn, however, is not for burning.

  • Turkey Smudging Feather Fan by Kim Wilson, Winnebago Sioux, USA
  • Large Turkey Smudging Double Feather Fan - Made by Navajo
  • Energy Clearing Smudging Kit