Authentic Native American Rattles

In Native American culture, rattles are a key part of tradition and ceremony. They're used as a form of music maker and rhythm keeper whilst tribal dances and ceremonies are taking place, helping dancers to keep to the rhythm and create a trance-like effect. 

Native American rattles traditional represent the three kingdoms or nations. Feather decorations and other animal materials are often used to make rattles, which represents the animal kingdom. Gourd's or wood that form the rattle represent the plant kingdom and the spiritual kingdom is represented by the trance-like spiritual energy that can be created when the rattle makes music. 

The rattles can be used in your own meditation or spiritual work, helping you clear your mind and create a sacred space. They can also be used to break up energetic blocks and remove negative energy in a room.

  • Small Rattle - Made by Navajo
  • Bear Rattle by Curtis Bitsui