Native American Medicine Bags

Medicine bags are a special form of sacred pouch traditionally used by Native American Indians. The medicine bag is used to store small sacred objects and is often hung around the neck, or worn on the body. The objects stored in the bag have some form of special significance to the individual, and are regarded as being a personal form of 'medicine'. 

The types of objects typically stored in medicine bags include small crystals, feathers, herbs, stones or plants. The items can represent links to spirit guides or power animals, be a reminder of a personal achievement or significant moment in your life or relate to areas that you'd like to work on and develop. Carrying the medicine bag with you can be seen as being a form of protection. 

Medicine bags are traditionally made from durable materials such as leather and may be decorated with beads, feathers or charms.

  • Black Leather Medicine Bag by Curtis Bitsui
  • Feather Tan Leather Medicine Bag by Sylvia Jackson
  • Bear Tan Leather Medicine Bag by Handmade by Sylvia Jackson
  • Wolf Tan Leather Medicine Bag by Sylvia Jackson
  • Turtle Tan Leather Medicine Bag by Sylvia Jackson