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More Holistic Products

  • Chakra Crystal Bracelet (with Lava Beads)
  • Chakra Crystal Bracelet (with Reconstituted Turquoise)
  • Chakra Tumblestone Set in Organza Bag
  • Chakra Power Bracelet (Various Sizes Available)
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  • Orgone Pendulum with Chakra Chain
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  • Lacy Chakra Necklace
  • Chakra Crystal Bracelet (Mixed Beads)
  • Chakra Chip Bracelet
  • Chakra Crystal Keyring
  • Chakra Chip Bracelet (Fine Chips)
  • Mixed Crystal Power Bracelet
  • Crystal Chakra Disc Set (Set of 7)
  • Chakra Cho Ku Rei Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Amethyst Crystal Heart Pendant
  • Chakra Point Pendant
  • Banded Amethyst Chakra Dowsing Pendulum
  • Chakra Orgone Sphere with Reiki Symbol
  • Sacred Chakra Spiral Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Chakra Disc Set with Chakra Symbol (Set of 7)
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  • Chakra Crystal Bracelet (with Black Beads)
  • Chakra Orgone Pyramid with Reiki Symbol
  • Cho Ku Rei Reiki Ring with Amethyst (Sterling Silver)
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  • Chakra Chip Necklace - 16-18 inches (40-46cms)
  • Chakra Whirlpool Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Cosmic Triquetra with Tiny Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver)
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  • Baby Amethyst Crystal Heart Pendant
  • Angel Pentacle Pendant with Amethyst (Sterling Silver)
  • Faceted Amethyst Crystal Heart Pendant (Premium quality)
  • Chakra Harmony Pendant (with Sterling Silver)
  • Crown Chakra (Eternal Bliss) Pendant with Amethyst Centre (Sterling Silver)
  • Chakra Pendant with Faceted Crystals (Sterling Silver)
  • Small Claddaugh with Amethyst Heart Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • High Quality Amethyst Pendulum with Star Moon Top (Sterling Silver)
  • Chakra Buddha Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Chakra Earrings with Faceted Crystals (Sterling Silver)
  • Tree of Life Pentagram Pendant (Sterling Silver)