How we size our tumblestones

Tumblestones are pieces of crystal tumbled within increasingly finer abrasive until their sides become very smooth and shiny. But it is important to say that they are a natural product and therefore each tumblestone will be unique in its own particular way. As can be seen from our pictures some are rounder, others a bit longer and some different shapes altogether. Also colours, shades and patterns can vary. We hope we have represented this to a certain degree with our photos. But we cannot take into account all variations.

Before sending out our tumblestones we do screen them and reject ones that are chipped or have a particular characteristic that not all may like. For example if there was a natural black mark on a clear quartz crystal. But tumblestones are rarely perfectly smooth all over. There will often be little nooks or lines on the surface but these most often just add character.

When picking your stone we just pick the one out that feels right at that time. Obviously we don’t know why we picked you that particular stone but we hope it is the right one for you. If not, please just use our guarantee and send it back for a refund or replacement – no problem.


Below follows some rough sizing for our tumblestones. All these are estimates (especially the measurements).

IMPORTANT – We price our tumblestones by weight and different crystals do vary in density slightly. For most crystals the differences are not too great, but a particularly dense crystal such as hematite can be as much as half the size (by weight) of another crystal such as red jasper.

Weight: 5-10 grams.
Size: 15-20 mm at widest point (this is approximate)

Ideal for when you want to carry a few different kinds in your pocket together or if you just want a fairly small stone.

Weight: 11-20 grams.
Size: 20-30 mm at widest point (this is approximate)

Probably our best selling size of tumblestone by a whisker.

Weight: 21-35 grams.
Size: 30-35 mm at widest point (this is approximate)

Still just about large enough to hold and play around with in your fingers.

Extra Large
Weight: 36-50 grams.
Size: 30-40 mm at widest point (this is approximate)

Size getting a bit more substantial now.

Some reviews of our tumblestones

Having an interest in crystal healing I was thrilled at the quality of the tumblestones I received. Even the smallest of them were bigger than I expected and the colours within them were magnificent. I have a collection of all of the stones featured and I also bought them as tree presents for my family at Christmas, putting them all in a hat and letting each person select there own, with their eyes closed of course, after that I gave them a little note on what they had selected and how to look after them. I keep all my tumblestones in a wooden chest and use them for chakra balancing and whenever I feel the need for them to be with me. Whenever I need to buy someone a gift I often buy them a tumblestone, because they may not be the biggest gift you will buy, but they are an important one, and are given with love.
Sharon Harvey, Birmingham

I was very pleased to receive my tumblestones and more than satisfied with the clarity of the colour and size. I was also pleasantly surprised when they arrived in record time. When I held the Red Jasper Stone in my hand, at once I felt static on my hand and the stone really felt good. I have recently begun to use crystals and when I found your website I was pleased to see that you have so much information there and it is so easy to understand, it's great to find an informative site; thank you. This is a site having an abundance of products for many uses to do with holistic purposes.... I keep coming back to read and learn, so keep up the good work.
Kate Ward, UK