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Chakra Jewellery & Chakra Bracelets

There are seven chakras in the human energy system. Each chakra is represented by a colour, symbol and crystal. Each of our chakra bracelets, necklaces or pendants represents the seven chakras as a whole or an individual chakra. You can wear an item of chakra jewellery to represent balance or to bring intent to one particular chakra and what that represents.

  • Lacy Chakra Bracelet
  • Lacy Chakra Necklace
  • Chakra Whirlpool Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Chakra Chip Bracelet
  • Chakra Chip Necklace - 16-18 inches (40-46cms)
  • Mixed Crystal Power Bracelet
  • Chakra Chip Bracelet (Fine Chips)
  • Chakra Cho Ku Rei Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Sacred Chakra Spiral Pendant (Sterling Silver)