Amber Resin Jewellery

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that has been widely used for hundreds of years as a healing agent in folk medicine, an ingredient in perfume, cosmetics, and as jewellery. It is often associated as a healing stone and is sometimes called 'The Stone of Liquid Sunshine', it has been popularly used for its calming, balancing and warming energy. 

The Legend of Amber
Most of our Amber Jewellery is Baltic; according to Legend the origins of Baltic Amber date back to a Lithuanian tale about Jurate the Queen of the Sea. The plots varies widely between different versions, however the most popular stories describe Jurate as an underwater Goddess; sometimes known as a Mermaid or Undine who lived in her beautiful amber castle in the Baltic Sea. It is said she ruled the sea and all sea-life, hence her name 'Jura' meaning 'the sea'. She fell in love with Kastytis a handsome fisherman; but Perkunas the Thunder God was angered when he found out that the immortal Goddess had fallen in love with a mortal man and furiously struck the Amber castle. The castle exploded into millions of pieces and it is said that this is why pieces of Amber now come ashore after a storm on the Baltic Sea.

  • Tiny Baltic Amber Heart Pendant
  • Baltic Amber Sun Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Baltic Amber Drop Earrings with Swirl Design (Sterling Silver)
  • Baltic Amber Drop Pendant
  • Baltic Amber Heart Pendant
  • Baltic Amber Angel Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Baltic Amber Drop Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Baltic Amber Stud Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Light Mix Baltic Amber Necklace (18 Inch)
  • Cognac Baltic Amber Necklace (18 Inch)
  • Light Mix Baltic Amber Chip Bracelet
  • Cherry Baltic Amber Chip Bracelet
  • Cognac Baltic Amber Chip Bracelet
  • Beaded Baltic Amber Bracelet