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Review posted by Anne Marie Welch View Profile

They are two CDs in this recording made by Donna Steward; the first one contains Guided Meditations for listening at different times of the day: Mornings, Lunchtimes, Afternoons and Evenings and are longer than the other CD. The second one contains 14 other Meditations for helping you with Motivation, Inspiration, Assertiveness, helping your headaches or just for listening when you are walking through a park.
Donna is a registered Medium and Spiritualist and has a very gentle voice which is very soothing. You can choose long or shorter easy meditations, they are varied and you can listen to them during the night if you can’t sleep. She has added a soft music background, which is not all the same for the all the meditations. I have not listened to her work before but it is good for new starters.

Review posted by Vernon Marshall View Profile

As a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Meditation Practitioner I have, as you can imagine, a large collection of meditation CDs and tapes. Some are very good, some are not so good. Easy Meditations Gold ranks among the very good. It is an excellent addition to my collection for several reasons. Firstly, it is clear about what it is intended for. It makes clear that it contains “easy meditations for use throughout the day.” There is nothing long or complex. On the first of the two CDs there are six meditations for use on waking, mid morning, right through to going to bed. They are not long, they have a simple focus, and they are performed without the need for complex sitting postures. Secondly, the second CD is helpful at those special times when we need a meditation that is intended to deal with a specific problem or ailment. There are fourteen meditations for issues such as motivation, forgiveness, even for the Interview and the Meeting. I found the last three to be very helpful indeed, A Walk in the Park, Sunbathing on the Beach, and a Celebration of the Winter. The last one is especially useful for those who, like me, find the darker nights and bad weather a bit of a problem. Thirdly, the sleeve notes are very handy for those new to meditation. These say something about the Chakras, about the benefits of meditation and how to create a space in which to meditate.
My only criticisms about Easy Meditations Gold, and these are really very minor, are that it is not clear beforehand what posture to take up. Also, I find the guiding of the listener into breathing a little too fast. I tend to pause before breathing out but there is little time for this. Having said that, however, these CDs are excellent and are suitable for beginner and seasoned practitioner alike. For anyone who wants a collection of short, bite-sized and specific meditations then these have your name clearly marked upon them. I have used them a lot and will continue to do so.

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