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Review posted by Vernon Marshall View Profile

What a startling CD this is! I have read several of Weiss’s books and have always been impressed. The notion of past life regression came to him almost by accident. His approach, though, has always been one of careful examination of the phenomenon and an intellectual assessment combined with a practical consideration. So, as a thinker he is bright but his warmth as a healer comes through here. His meditations are very effective in finding that special place of calm and relaxation. If this were a relaxation or meditation CD alone it would tick enough boxes for me. The big question, however, concerns whether the regression works. If you use this CD in the right way, and come at it with an accepting state of mind, then you will, like me, be startled at what you can achieve. It is not necessarily easy, and I did have problems with dealing with painful childhood memories, but the effort is worth making. I have become a big fan of Weiss’s work and I can do no more than heartily recommend this CD to anyone who wants to heal themselves deeply and enhance their spiritual lives.

Review posted by Emma, Wrexham View Profile

Regression through the mirrors of time I found to be an interesting, deeply relaxing CD which is split into 2 meditations, to be used separately or one after the other. The first features a meditation to increase inner peace, love and joy where the listener is encouraged to let go of fears and focus on peace and relaxation. Healing comes through the choice of coloured light to heal the body and then the opportunity to also send healing via a ‘beam’ to loved ones. It also encourages the listener to know that they can remember everything should they wish to. This meditation lasts about 20 minutes.
The next meditation is the regression meditation which includes instructions to take the listener back to childhood memories in this lifetime and then further back to other lifetimes by stepping into various mirrors to access other lives. It is something I’ll use regularly as a self-development tool as I suspect access may also become easier with practise and time. I fell asleep the first two times and on the third attempt saw a ball as a childhood memory and then a mixture of elements which presented themselves as a past life story. I instinctively felt these to be more symbolic and my subconscious trying to tell me something. This aspect is aided by a section where the listener has the opportunity to link up any past life memories (or whatever you believe them to be) to this lifetime, in order to help integrate the understandings.

Review posted by Len Leaper View Profile

This enjoyable and extremely well produced Regression CD by Weiss is very much of a treasure. It is easy to use divided into two parts both of which begin in similar manner. The listener is guided into a very relaxed state by focus on breath and specific body relaxations this follows into visualisation and discovery of place of peace and comfort. The participant is invited from this place of comfort to find another to present and from this interaction can find as allowed for there is careful placement in stance of protection and peace.
I find this first part very comfortable without challenge and of immense value towards healing and relaxation. The second part of the CD begins in a very similar vein by way of foundation but then moves towards aspect of regression.
Initially we are asked to choose a part of our childhood and to experience it once more and I found this of comfort. From here it was suggested we step backwards still within childhood a little more and this again was of ease. After this we are given towards past lifes.
The technique used is to visualise mirrors, within mirrors and this works very well indeed.
As we step into various mirrors so we find we can step into specific past lives. A past life allows us to see how we were and discover of our surroundings and circumstance.
For me this was not of great ease there was some clouding and it was hard to see clearly.
I saw enough to show me a different life than many I have discovered and was aware of certain aspects and characteristics that I carry to this day.
We are all unique and carry choice in life thus so some will choose not to step into the Mirrors of Time however as I found some challenge in this I also found a place where I know I once belonged and the memories reawakened make perfect sense by way of resonance and harmony with my life today.
The CD is definitely worth buying for the first mediation alone. For those that care to venture through the mirrors much so may be found.

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