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Naturense Incense

The Naturense range of incense products is made in Japan by Nippon Kodo and is particularly designed for those who appreciate a holistic natural lifestyle. 

Each of the incense products in the range is carefully created to evoke certain feelings and emotions. For example, there are incenses that could help you feel calmer, more comfortable or refreshed.

The ingredients in the Naturense incense are all naturally sourced and there are no artificial dye colourings used. The fragrances of each product are all carefully chosen so they’re appropriate to the feelings they want to evoke. For example, Naturense Oriental Mind incense is fragranced with the oils of sandalwood and patchouli as they’re fragrances associated with the orient, whilst Naturense Refreshed Time has the oils of geranium and ylang ylang as they’re both associated with helping people feel refreshed and uplifted. 

There’s a good choice of feelings covered by the Naturense incense and they’re a great product to use to enhance the atmosphere in both your home and workplace.

  • Naturense Calm Night Japanese Incense (40 Short Sticks)