Indian Incense

Indian incense is traditionally used in India as an offering to the Divine. The meditative worship ritual is called puja and is performed to offer all pleasures of the senses to the Divine source. Historically, incense was first made by priests and Ayurvedic doctors for medicinal use and worship, but over the years it became adopted by the wider masses. Today incense is widely lit in homes and temples across India, releasing an intoxicating blend of aromas.

The majority of Indian incense tends to come in stick form and it's usually hand rolled. When making Indian incense, a very thin piece of wood such as bamboo is placed in the centre of the stick and then a charcoal paste is coated onto it (this is unlike Japanese incense, for example, which has no central stick). The perfumes are then added in powdered form, by rolling the sticks into the mixture, and can include scents such as spices, flowers, patchouli or sage. 

Indian incense is typically very fragrant and releases wonderful perfumes when it is burned. It's ideal to use in your home, to scent the air in a room, or to have burning whilst practicing yoga, meditation or mindfulness.

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