Natural Tea Light Candles & Holders

Small can be beautiful, as our tea lights and tea light holders demonstrate so well! For those times when you just want a small flickering candle on a table, a tea light in a dainty tealight holder is the perfect solution. As well as being used on their own, you can create more impact by using multiple tea lights for a bigger effect. 

Products such as the chakra tea lights and chakra tea light holders are designed to represent each of the seven chakras in the body. They can be used individually or as a whole to harness your connection to the chakras and alongside spiritual or holistic healing therapy. In addition, the tea lights and holders make great gifts and stocking fillers.

  • Selenite Mountain Candle Holder (Holds T-light candles)
  • Heart Shaped Selenite Candle Holder (Holds T-light candles)
  • Round Selenite Candle Holder (Holds T-light candles)