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Spiritual & Magical T-Shirts - Mountain Clothing

This section is dedicated to spiritual t-shirts and clothing that you can wear with pride. The eco-friendly spiritual t-shirts are made by The Mountain USA. They’re coloured with fiber reactive organic dyes and printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks. All items are made from 100% natural USA cotton. 

The t-shirt designs and colour palettes are spiritual and magical in style, featuring images such as angels, cats, wolves, Native Indian symbols and eagles. Many of the symbols on the clothing typically have spiritual associations, so will hold a special meaning to those who buy and wear them. For example, a black cat can be seen as a sign of magic and intuition and an angel is viewed as being a connection with the angelic realm.

  • Indian Sunset T-Shirt
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    Indian Sunset T-Shirt

    £18.73 - £20.23
  • Dreams of Wolf Spirit Dream Catcher T-Shirt
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