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Spiritual Artwork & Magical Plaques

The artwork and hanging plaques in this section are the perfect accompaniment to a holistic or spiritual home. Each piece carries inspirational imagery, often with a strong symbolic presence or message, and the artwork is extraordinary. There's something magical and intriguing about each piece and, the more you look at it, the more you'll see new small details. 

The designs are produced on a canvas and stretched across a wooden frame, so there's no exterior frame covering any of the picture. The plaques come with all the fittings and fixtures you need to hang them on a wall, or you could simply prop them up on a bookcase or shelf.

  • Mystic Aura Canvas Plaque (19 x 25cm) by Anne Stokes
  • Stargazer Canvas Plaque (25 x 19cm) by Anne Stokes
  • Once Upon a Time Canvas Plaque (25 x 19cm) by Anne Stokes