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Angel Pins

Angel pins are small decorative brooch-like items that are designed to be pinned onto something. If you fancy the idea of keeping angels close to you, you could pin one onto your clothing, such as on a jacket, coat, scarf or hat. Or they could be pinned onto a bag, pencil case or other item to serve as a gentle reminder that angels exist and are watching over you.  

However you choose to use them, these angel pins are beautifully decorated with images of angels or angel-related words, such as love, grace, peace, believe and hope. Angels are renowned as being a source of comfort and compassion, doing good deeds and helping people. If you know someone who’s in need of an extra boost when they’re feeling low or going through difficult times, it could be a nice gesture to gift them an angel pin.

  • Peace Angel Pin
  • Love Angel Pin
  • Hope Angel Pin