Spiritual & Holistic Gift Ideas for Children

  • CD:  Angel: Guided Meditations for Children - Michelle Robertson-Jones
  • Colour Your Life with Crystals! By Margaret Ann Lembo
  • Polished Oco Geode Halves

    Polished Oco Geode Halves

    £5.63 - £10.98
  • CD: Little White Feather - Jan Yoxall
  • Full Rainbow Suncatcher Mobile
  • Guatemalan Worry Dolls in Bag (Set of 4)
  • Half Rainbow Suncatcher Mobile
  • CD: Mermaids and Fairy Dust - Christiane Kerr
  • Guatemalan Friendship Worry Dolls
  • Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry Set in Clear Quartz (5 Piece)
  • Single Guatemalan Worry Doll
  • Tiger-Tiger, Is it True? by Byron Katie
  • CD: Enchanted Meditations for Kids - Christiane Kerr
  • CD: Bedtime Meditations For Kids - Christiane Kerr
  • I Think, I Am by Louise Hay
  • Large Labradorite UFO Palm Stone
  • Unstoppable Me! by Wayne Dyer
  • Tinkerbell with Rose Quartz and Lead Crystal
  • Angel Cards for Children by Diana Cooper
  • Children's Wellbeing Cards by Dr Maxine Therese