Spiritual Oracle Cards

Spiritual oracle cards are a form of divination tool with a particular focus on connecting with the spirit, developing your spiritual side and awakening higher levels of spirituality. The cards can be used to gain greater perception and understanding into a variety of spiritual issues, as well as to further develop and enhance your own intuitive skills. 

Within this section, you'll find lots of different types of spiritual oracle cards, all with their own unique style, approach and artwork. Use your intuition and pick one or more sets of cards that speaks to you and sparks your curiosity. The guidance information that comes with each set of cards is a great starting point for learning to use them, but at the most simple level you could also work on the basis of picking a card each day and interpreting the message it contains.

  • Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn
  • Unicorn Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper
  • Ascension Cards by Diana Cooper