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Pegasus is a mighty horse with wings that had the power to fly. Tales of the exploits of Pegasus originate from Greek mythology whereby Pegasus was a supernatural animal: a shining white horse with wings. This good-natured, loyal and obedient creature would follow orders whether they were for good or for evil. Zeus punished him for this and used Pegasus to carry his thunderbolts.

Legend has it that Pegasus was created from drops of blood shed when Perseus cut off Medusa's head. Bellerophon then captured and tamed Pegasus, and the goddess Athena provided him with a golden bridle. Bellerophon and Pegasus took to the skies together and managed to slaughter the fire-breathing monster, Chimera. Their partnership ended, however, when Bellerophon tried to ascend to heaven on the horse to join the gods, but was thrown off. Pegasus continued his journey upwards and became the constellation of the same name.

The symbol of Pegasus lives on in mythical tales and beliefs today, with many using it to herald their desire to be more mystical, or welcome mysticism into their lives.

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