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Lion - Strength, Courage, Wisdom
The lion is a strong symbol of strength, courage and wisdom. As leader of the pack, a lion is a creature with an incredible amount of power and strength, who can dominate other animals and beat off predators. The lion has been recognised and used by many belief systems over the years, with the underlying principles that a lion signifies strength, courage and wisdom.

Sometimes the lion is seen as both a saviour and a destroyer and lion symbology crops up in Christian texts, such as the Bible. Author C. S. Lewis also famously used the character of Aslan, the lion, in his famous book, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, which contained undertones of Christian symbology.

In Scotland, the lion was used as a royal emblem and for the British, the lion image was a key symbol during British Imperial reign of India in the 19th century. For ancient Egyptians, the goddess Sekhmet is often depicted as a lioness and in China and Japan, the lion is regarded as a protective emblem.

Having symbols or images of the lion by your side can help promote feelings of strength and courage when you feel in need of an extra boost.
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