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Popular Crystals

In this section you will find some of the most popular and well known crystals. We sell many more types of crystals too. 

  • Green Aventurine Crystal Massage Wand
  • Opalite Crystal Pendant
  • Black Jasper Crystal Keyring
  • Red Jasper Crystal Sphere (35mm)
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid (40mm base)
  • Shungite Cube (4cm)

    Shungite Cube (4cm)

    £12.64 - £15.46
  • Black Tourmaline Wire Wrap Silver Pendant
  • Snowflake Obsidian Crystal Heart
  • Red Jasper Crystal Horse
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Wand - 60 mm long (approx)
  • Black Jasper Tumblestone Keyring
  • Faceted Amethyst Crystal Heart Pendant (Premium quality)
  • Green Aventurine Crystal Sphere (40mm)
  • Opalite Crystal Heart Pendant
  • Opalite Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Golden Tigers Eye Teardrop Pendant
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Egg (45mm tall)
  • Dalmation Jasper Crystal Sphere (35mm)
  • Natural Agate Windchime
  • Red Jasper Teardrop Crystal Keyring
  • Small Clear Quartz Angel Pendant (Sterling Silver Loop)
  • Angel Aura Rose Quartz (Tumbled) Wire Wrap Pendant
  • Golden Tigers Eye Crystal Keyring
  • Red Jasper Crystal Dragon
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Pig
  • Selenite Wire Wrap Silver Pendant
  • Selenite Yin Yang Tea Light Holder
  • Shungite Sphere (4cm)
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    Shungite Sphere (4cm)

    £16.82 - £18.26
  • Small Opalite Angel Pendant (Sterling Silver Loop)
  • Snowflake Obsidian Crystal Egg (45mm tall)
  • Smooth Banded Amethyst Chunky Massage Wand (9cm)
  • Turquoise Wire Wrap Silver Pendant
  • Blue Agate Windchime
  • Chakra Harmony Pendant (with Sterling Silver)
  • Green Aventurine Crystal Pyramid (40mm base)
  • Green Aventurine Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Green Aventurine Crystal Penguin
  • Opalite Crystal Keyring
  • Red Jasper Crystal Keyring
  • Small Rose Quartz Angel Pendant (Sterling Silver Loop)
  • Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror (Irregular Circular Shape)
  • Black Jasper Crystal Massage Wand