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Popular Crystals

In this section you will find some of the most popular and well known crystals. We sell many more types of crystals too. 

  • Clear Quartz Tumblestone (from Brazil)
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  • Carnelian Tumblestone (from Botswana)
  • Hematite Tumblestone (from Brazil)
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  • Clear Quartz Crystal DT Point Pendant (Sterling Silver Setting)
  • Gem Tree - Carnelian (Round Base)
  • Carnelian Crystal DT Point Pendant (Sterling Silver Setting)
  • Gem Tree - Clear Quartz (Round Base)
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Massage Wand
  • Clear Quartz Merkaba Pendant
  • Clear Quartz Teardrop Pendant
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Sword Pendant (Sterling Silver Setting)
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum Pendant
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant
  • Small Clear Quartz Angel Pendant (Sterling Silver Loop)
  • Angel Aura Rose Quartz (Tumbled) Wire Wrap Pendant
  • Chakra Harmony Pendant (with Sterling Silver)
  • Smooth Clear Quartz Chunky Massage Wand (9cm)
  • Specular Hematite Wire Wrap Silver Pendant