Crystal Spheres & Gemstone Eggs

Crystal spheres and eggs are carved from natural gemstones and crystals. The spheres are created by a machine to produce a perfectly round ball and the carvings are then polished to produce a smooth and shiny finish. 

The baby spheres measure 20mm in diameter and are small and dainty, making them idea for keeping in a purse, bag or pocket. If you're looking for something more substantial, the 40mm diameter spheres fit the bill perfectly and are lovely to have out on display in your home or workplace.  

The crystal eggs are definitely not just for Easter! Egg shapes symbolise new life, birth and rebirth and can be an important reminder of the possibility of growth and development.  

Both the crystal spheres and crystal eggs are beautifully smooth to the touch and naturally tactile – they're pieces that you'll want to hold in your hands and use. But they also look equally attractive when out on display.

  • Baby Hematite Crystal Sphere (20mm)