Crystal Bags, Holders & Charging

Whether you've got a collection of favoured crystal pieces, polished stones or tiny tumblestones, it's only natural to want to keep them safe. We stock a variety of bags and boxes, bowls and trays, so you can display your crystals or ensure they're kept organised and in one place. We also have a range of selenite charging discs, bowls & bars perfect for all kinds of crystals. 

The hand-carved wooden boxes are ideal for storing collections of crystals or a few favoured larger pieces. Velvet drawstring bags are great to use to store special pieces, or crystals that you're using for healing practices. 

If you prefer to have your crystals out on permanent display, so you can enjoy admiring them and using them, products such as the wooden bowls and wooden tray are perfect. A bowl full of tumblestone crystals or filled with crystal chips works well as a decorative display and is lovely to dip your hands in as you pass. Maybe you could make it a custom to pick a daily stone from the bowl?

  • Hand-Carved Wooden Angel Card Box