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All Spoken Word CDs

We stock a range of spoken word CDs on a variety of spiritual, healing and personal growth topics. There are guided meditations for adults and children, including various different themed meditations, hypnotherapy sessions that could help improve your sleep, talks about mediumship and spiritual topics, as well as workshop sessions on CD.

The spoken word CDs are designed to enhance your knowledge, act as a therapist, boost your personal development and connect with your spirituality. There are CDs that you'll listen to regularly and they'll become like your best friend, and others that you'll dip into occasionally when you feel the need.

If you'd like a taster of what's included on a CD, look out for the sound clips on each listing.

  • CD: Bedtime Meditations For Kids - Christiane Kerr
  • CD: Enchanted Meditations for Kids - Christiane Kerr
  • CD: The Little Meditation Album by Philip Permutt
  • CD: Great Spirit Told Me - Michael Looking Coyote
  • CD: Rays of Calm - Christiane Kerr
  • CD: A Guided Meditation by Glenn Harrold
  • CD: Meditation to Connect with Archangel Michael by Diana Cooper
  • CD: Deep Sleep Every Night - Glenn Harrold
  • CD: Guided Meditation for Sleep - Simonette Vaja
  • CD: Complete Relaxation - Glenn Harrold
  • CD: Empowering the Spirit: Guided Meditation for Chakra Healing by Ian Welch
  • CD: Mini Meditations for Stress-Free Living: Guided Meditation for Busy Lifestyles - Simonette Vaja
  • CD: Meditation to Connect with Archangel Raphael by Diana Cooper
  • CD: Mermaids and Fairy Dust - Christiane Kerr
  • CD: The Twelve Chakras by Diana Cooper
  • CD: Meditation to Connect with your Guardian Angel by Diana Cooper
  • CD: The Codes of Power Meditation by Diana Cooper
  • CD: The Faerie Cottage: Guided Meditation for Relaxation - Alicen Geddes-Ward
  • CD: The Karma Release Meditation by Diana Cooper
  • CD: The Unicorn Meditation by Diana Cooper
  • CD: Build Your Self Esteem - Glenn Harrold
  • CD: Meditation to Connect with Archangel Uriel by Diana Cooper
  • CD: Angels of Light by Diana Cooper
  • CD: Kingdom of the Sun: Guided Meditation for Healing & Enlightenment
  • CD: Meditation to Connect with Archangel Gabriel by Diana Cooper
  • CD: Overcome Fears & Phobias - Glenn Harrold
  • CD: Little White Feather - Jan Yoxall
  • CD: The Angel Garden: Guided Meditation for Angel Communication - Christine Astell
  • CD:  Angel: Guided Meditations for Children - Michelle Robertson-Jones