All Spiritual Music CDs

Spiritual music can have a powerful effect. It can evoke happy, sad or bittersweet memories, relax you when you're feeling exhausted, transport you in your mind to a different land or culture, or uplift and energise you when you're feeling down. Our collection of Spiritual Music CDs can be used in all these ways and more.

Perfectly chosen to enhance a holistic lifestyle, we've got CDs covering a range of spiritual music genres, such as angel music, healing and reiki, meditation music, mystical and spiritual, Native American CDs, natural sounds, music for relaxation and specially selected music that's ideal for therapists to use during treatments.

Have a browse of our dedicated music CD sections and see what takes your fancy. Maybe you could even be brave and see what spirit guides you to choose? It may take you out of your comfort zone, but you could discover something new and exciting to raise your spirits and invigorate your life.

  • CD: Pure Dreaming - Kevin Kendle