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Relaxation Music CDs

If you're keen to learn to relax more or improve your relaxation time, then our selection of relaxation music CDs are here to help. You'll find a variety of styles of relaxation music available, so you should be able to find one or more that appeal to you. For example, there's classical music, angelic sounds, dolphin noises, fairy themes, music for meditation and music for sleep.

If you're not sure what floats your boat or meets your needs best, why not opt first for one of our compilation relaxation music CDs? They feature tracks from some of the top holistic recording artists and offer a good insight into the different musical approaches they take.

Whether you want to relax more at home, in the evenings, during your commute to work or when you're out for a walk, our relaxation CDs are a wonderful accompaniment to help calm your body, mind and soul.

  • CD: Bali - Midori
  • CD: Benediction Moon
  • CD: Classics for Relaxation
  • CD: Fairy Ring - Mike Rowland
  • CD: Heavenly Realms - Philip Chapman
  • CD: Music for Relaxation
  • CD: Pure Dreaming - Kevin Kendle
  • CD: Pure Meditation - John Keech
  • CD: Pure Relaxation by Llewellyn
  • CD: Pure Tranquility - Stephen Rhodes
  • CD: Silk and Bamboo - Patricia Spero
  • CD: The Way of the Dolphin - Medwyn Goodall
  • CD: Tranquility - David Sun