Healing & Reiki Music CDs

In this section you'll find a variety of healing and Reiki music CDs. Some of the CDs are produced specifically to be used during healing or Reiki treatments, whilst others are ideally suited for such therapy. What tends to define them is their unique soothing qualities. The music is typically calming, relaxing and gentle. If you're playing one of these CDs in the background as you give a treatment, it will help calm your patient's mind and body, so that they can gain the best benefit from your treatment.

The healing and Reiki music CDs are also ideal to be used for your own relaxation at home. If you've had a hard day, listen to one of these CDs before you go to sleep and it could provide the sense of calm you need.

  • CD:  Reiki Healing Journey by Llewellyn
  • CD: Chakra Balancing by Caroline Shola Arewa
  • CD: Music for Healing - Stephen Rhodes
  • CD: Reiki by Llewellyn