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Natural Sounds Music CDs

There's something special about natural sounds and their ability to relax the body, mind and soul. Mother Nature is amazing and our world is made up of a variety of distinctive sounds, many of which can be highly relaxing. This section contains our collection of CDs specialising in natural sounds. You can expect to find CDs featuring popular natural sounds such as the rainforest, ocean waves, whales, waterfalls, rivers, birdsong or thunderstorms.

If you're not sure which natural sounds you most prefer, look out for the multi-CD sets. Some of them contains up to three compact discs that feature different types of natural sounds. They're a great introduction to this genre of music and give you the chance to try out lots of different sounds and discover your favourites.

  • CD: Relax with Nature Vol. 3 (3 CD set) - Rainforest Reverie, Ocean,
  • CD: Relax with Nature Vol. 4 (3 CD set) - Ocean Waves, Summer Garden,