Music CDs for Therapists and Treatments

Lots of our stock of spiritual and holistic CDs are suitable music for therapists and treatments, but in this section you'll find a collection of music CDs designed especially with therapists and healing treatments in mind. For example, there are CDs that are composed especially to be used with particular therapies, or sounds that are truly designed to relax the body and mind.

Of course, they're by no means only for therapists and treatments – they can be equally beneficial for anyone to listen to, at home, work, whilst commuting or walking the dog. The overall theme of these CDs is healing the body, mind and soul, leaving you refreshed and lighter. They're also useful options to turn to if you want to listen to relaxing music as you drift off to sleep. If you are a therapist, don't forget to check out the rest of our spiritual and holistic CDs, as there are plenty more options to discover!

  • CD:  Aromatherapy by Llewellyn
  • CD: Massage - Stuart Jones
  • CD: Reflexology - Midori
  • CD: Relaxation - In-Di-Go