Curtis Bitsui - Navajo Tribe Products & Crafts

Curtis Bitsui is a member of the Navajo tribe and lives in the USA. We trade directly with this artist making sure he receives a fair price for his work. All items will be good quality but because of the hand made nature of the goods it is possible that crafts such as these may have small differences between them. These small differences (if there are any) should be seen as a testimony to the fact that you are buying authentic Native American crafts.

  • Black Leather Medicine Bag by Curtis Bitsui
  • Small Rustic Navajo Dream Catcher (2 inch) by Curtis Bitsui
  • Leather Navajo Dream Catcher Keyring  by Curtis Bitsui
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  • Leather Tan Navajo Dream Catcher Necklace by Curtis Bitsui