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Coming Through Depression (Book & CD Set) by Tony Bates

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They Say: This book has been written for all who suffer from depression and for those who are close to the depressed person, be they partner, child or friend. The effort to alleviate the pain of depression in a loved one inevitably fails and the most well-intentioned interventions of friends and spouses can leave all concerned feeling helpless and alienated.

While intended primarily as a guide to recovery for anyone who is experiencing depression, this book is also written with the relatives and friends of that person in mind, hoping they can make sense of what can be a difficult experience to grasp from the 'outside'. Understanding the journey through depression by all who are affected can act as a bridge between people who feel isolated by depression and those who care about them.

Part One explains what happens when someone gets depressed and what kinds of experience cause depression. Part Two focuses on a step by step recovery plan to overcoming depression and Part Three considers what has been learned in the past ten years about staying well and preventing relapse.

Tony Says: 'My original book on depression, The CommonSense Guide to Depression, has sold more than 30,000 copies since it was first published. This is a new edition of that book. The new title reflects a change in my understanding of depression over the past ten years and also the development of a new approach to preventing the recurrence of depression, based on the practice of mindfulness. I believe that this new thinking on depression offers a more complete map for your recovery.

It is possible for any human being to 'lose their way', but it is equally possible for any human being to 'find their way'. I hope this book supports and strengthens your recovery by showing you that you have the inner strength to come through depression. - Tony Bates

Total Pages: 183

A Look at the Contents from Coming Through Depression

Part 1: Understanding Depression
Chapter 1: The experience of depression
Chapter 2: What causes depression?

Part 2: Recovering From Depression
Chapter 3: Taking action to relieve your mood
Chapter 4: Catching your thoughts
Chapter 5: Changing you self-image
Chapter 6: Putting it all together: Tom's story
Chapter 7: Supporting a person who is depressed

Part 3: Living With Yourself
Chapter 8: How 'mindfulness' can support recovery
Chapter 9: Learning to be mindful
Chapter 10: Relating mindfully to your body
Chapter 11: Relating mindfully to your emotions
Chapter 12: Relating mindfully to your thoughts
Chapter 13: Living mindfully

Postscript: Beyond Depression


Tony Bates, apart from being such a highly respected professional, has a wonderful rapport with our listeners. He has a particular empathy that communicates effortlessly on Radio, perhaps because, as he says in this excellent book, I have battled through many a dark night of the soul myself. - Marian Finucane, Broadcaster

'A powerful and erudite book, it is written in a clear style and will help many people; its not just an essential manual for those struggling with depression, but also a road map for those seeking to find a path to a new and refreshed sense of selfhood.' - Michael Harding, Writer

'It is a very empowering book, making it clear that depression need never have power over us because we ourselves and only we have the power in our own lives.' - Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, Visionary and Social Innovator

'Tony Bates invites the reader to begin, slowly and surely, to move through the darkest of times, through setbacks and false dawns, towards a genuine recovery.' - Mark Williams, Director, University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre

'... a more complete map to recovery from depression.' - Irish Farmers Journal Irish County Living

'is an articulate, sensitive and practical guide to recovery from depression' -Stephen McWilliams, Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine

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Tony Bates
Tony Bates is Founder Director of Headstrong, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Prior to this he worked as Principal Clinical Psychologist at St Jamess Hospital in Dublin and has more than 30 years' experience in the area of mental health.

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Coming Through Depression (Book & CD Set) - Tony Bates
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