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CD: Sweet Meadowlark by Jan Yoxall

    Product Information

    Total running time: About 35 minutes

    The Tracks:
    1 All About Sweet Meadowlark 6:23
    2 Meadowlark and the Prairie Dogs 17:11
    3 Grandmother Kate's Magic Cloud 11:47

    On the outside cover Welcome to the wonderful world of Sweet Meadowlark, a small Native American girl who lives in a tipi in a place called the Great Plains. Find out why she is called Sweet Meadowlark, discover how she helped the Prairie Dogs to sing again and join her and Grandmother Kate as they float on a magic cloud...

    On the inside cover: Tonight is very special for it is the night when Old Grandmother travels from tipi to tipi in Sweet Meadowlark's village telling stories to all the children.

    Suddenly there is a scratching on the flap door of the tipi, which is Old Grandmother's way of letting you know she is about to enter. She lifts up the flap door and comes in. She has a wrinkly face which is brown from the sun and she has kind, soft brown eyes...

    The Old Grandmother's stories are very magical... many children have told about flying through the sky on clouds... they say that something about her stories always makes you feel good.. and very, very special!

    The Great Spirit Series for Little Souls is a range of CDs to help children with creativity, confidence and self-esteem encouraging children to be imaginative and to have respect for people, animals and the world around them.

    Using these CDs at bedtime or for general relaxation will help to focus energy and develop self-awareness encouraging children to relax naturally and develop a sense of security and inner peace.

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    Jan Yoxall
    Jan Yoxall is an experienced complementary therapist and author of the very successful Sacred Light Series of Angel Meditation CDs. The meditations in this children's series have been inspired by her interest in the Native American people and their traditions, particularly the people of the Lakota and Cheyenne Nations to whom she extends respect and gratitude for the warmth shown during her travels through South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.

    Jan Yoxall

    The stunningly beautiful landscape she has encountered on these journeys provides the perfect backdrop to these captivating and delightful children's meditations.

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    CD: Sweet Meadowlark - Jan Yoxall
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    This is the story of a Native American little girl called Sweet Meadowlark who is the new sister of Little White Feather. She is called Sweet Meadowlark after the name of a bird as she makes such lovely noise when she was tiny. She grows up and finds herself one day amongst some Prairie Dogs who have lost their ability to sing. She helps them to sing again by showing them how to sing. As always Jan has a very clear and soft voice which is ideal for children to relax and meditate. She also talks about how the Grandmother, Kate, takes Sweet Meadowlark on a fluffy magic cloud. This CD is to help children to calm down, relax in the evening and sleep better. I read it to my 6 years old grandaughter and she was fascinated by the story and asked me promptly to listen to it again. I can recommend this CD, specially if your children have trouble to sleep.

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