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Soul Signs by Rosemary Altea

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Information: 300 pages, paperback

They say: Are you an inquisitive New Born, a lucky Bright Star or an independent Old Soul? Or are you one or the other signs described in this extraordinary new book by Rosemary Altea, the British spiritual medium and healer known to millions as the 'Voice or the Spirit World'. The thirteen soul signs, including their strengths and weaknesses, were shown to Rosemary by her spirit guide Grey Eagle - whose own story is told in the international bestseller The Eagle and the Rose. And here she passes on that knowledge.

Your soul sign relates to your true nature and your purpose. By discovering your soul sign, you will begin to make sense or what motivates you and why you behave the way you do. You may also gain deep insights into the characters or those around you and what drives them. And, with the kelp or this book, you will be able to recognise and understand your true soul mate.

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Rosemary Altea
Rosemary Altea is an internationally renowned spiritual medium and author. She was born in England and first heard voices when she was a young girl. However, talking about hearing voices wasnt deemed acceptable and she was forced to keep quiet about it.

Rosemary Altea began to nurture her spiritual gifts properly when she was in her mid 30s, in the 1970s, after going through a difficult time in her life. She became well acquainted with her spirit guide, Grey Eagle, and claims that it was Grey Eagle who encouraged her to publish her first book, The Eagle and The Rose. The book was first published in the US, with countries soon following, and became a bestseller.

She went on to write a number of other books, many also becoming bestsellers, including Soul Signs: An Elemental Guide to Your Spiritual Destiny, A Matter of Life and Death and You Own the Power.

As well as books, Rosemary Altea has produced a number of CDs, including a series of four healing and meditation CDs.

She has now been working professionally as a spiritual medium for over 20 years and has appeared on a wide variety of television shows, such as The Oprah Show and Larry King Live.

Rosemary also founded the RAHEF organisation, which stands for the Rosemary Altea Healing and Educational Foundation. Its based in the US and is a charitable organisation; the UK counterpart is the RAHH. Together, the two organisations offer spiritual and faith healing.

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Soul Signs - Rosemary Altea
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I have enjoyed reading Rosemary's previous books and this one is no exception. I like her direct style; she writes as she speaks in a friendly manner - you feel as if you were sitting next to her. The concept of soul signs was very new to me. I was first surprised to learn about it, as astrology is better known. It is very useful in working out what kind of people, the persons you meet, are. You may also want to know why your family reacts in a certain way, or if you are compatible with someone. It is all in her book, all you have to do is work out which signs you or they belong to! The author takes you step by step, describing various characters and narrating various people's reactions to certain situations in order you make you find out which soul sign you belong to. There are five main soul groups and each group is sub-divided into signs, and I worked out that I am a prophet. It is quite fascinating to know that all the people on earth belong to one of these signs. Each group comes from the same energy, which makes me wonder why are we all competing with one another?

Rosemary Altea is an extremely renowned, gifted medium and with the help of her guide, Grey Eagle, she has given us a tremendous insight into the other world.

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