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When Panic Attacks (Book & CD Set) by Áine Turbridy

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They Say: Panic is one of the most crippling psychological disorders of our time. It dominates a sufferer's thoughts, saps motivation, sidelines life purpose and derails their social life.

What triggers a panic attack? How can you avoid them in the future?

When Panic Attacks answers these questions. It explains the psychology and physiology underlying panic. It makes sense of why a sufferer is radically altered after their first panic attack, and how they come to inhabit a new world full of threats, both external and internal. Dr Áine Tubridy gives an understanding of the innermost thoughts of those who panic. She documents their deep sense of alienation from others, and how they feel split off from a body they can't control.

Grounded in years of clinical experience and research , Dr Tubridy shows how you can control panic attacks through a variety of skills. She includes muscle relaxation exercises, thought management, changing avoidance behaviours, exercises targeting the chakra system, homeopathic remedies and psychotherapy.

This book calls for a change in the way society looks at this subject, which has been medicalised for too long, rather than being seen as a personal dilemmas to which there is a unique solution.

The CD
Accompanying When Panic Attacks is a free CD on which Dr Tubridy guides you through the main points of the book. It also contains an 'emergency drill' for immediate help on the first signs of an attack and 'maintenance exercises', designed to teach you breathing and relaxation techniques.

Total Pages: 289

A Look at the Contents from When Panic Attacks

Part 1: How Panic Works
Chapter 1: What Is a Panic Attack? - Red Alert!
Chapter 2: Waiting for the Next Attack - Walking on Eggshells
Chapter 3: Why This, Why Me, Why Now? - Threats to Identity
Chapter 4: Behind the Scenes of a Panic Attack - The Fight or Flight Response
Chapter 5: Myths about Panic - Worst Case Scenarios
Chapter 6: Triggers from the Past - Conditioned to Panic
Chapter 7: Psychotherapy - Symptom as Messenger
Chapter 8: The Chakra System - Energetic Healing
Chapter 9: Substance-Induced Panic - A Drug Too Far

Part 2: Panic No More
Chapter 10: Controlling Panic - A Toolbox of Skills
Chapter 11: Breathing Calmly - Befriending Your Belly
Chapter 12: Muscle Relaxation - Loosening Up and Letting Go
Chapter 13: Catastrophic Thinking - Changing the Video
Chapter 14: Bringing On the Panic - Learning by Experience
Chapter 15: When Panic Turns into Phobia - Staying Safe At All Costs
Chapter 16: From Flight to Fight - Facing Down Your Fear
Chapter 17: Energy Bankruptcy - Plugging the Drains
Chapter 18: When Panic Attacks - Emergency Drill
Chapter 19: What Else Helps? - Complementary Tools
Chapter 20: Stigma and Shame - Secret Lives

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Áine Turbridy
Until her death in 2011, Dr Áine Tubridy M.D. was a medical doctor and practicing psychotherapist living and working in Ireland. She had a special interest in mind-body-spirit and vibrational medicine and is co-author with Michael Corry M.D. of 'Going Mad?' and 'Depression: an Emotion not a Disease'.

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When Panic Attacks (Book & CD Set) - Áine Turbridy
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