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CD: The Lost Valley by Llewellyn

    Product Information

    Total running time: 47 minutes

    The Tracks:
    1 The Lost Valley
    2 The Awakening Forest
    3 Beauty and the Beasts
    4 In the Midday Heatt
    5 Our Distant Giants
    6 Beyond the Lost Valley

    They say: Back to the time of the awakening forests that cloaked the Earth in green and sheltered all kinds of exotic creatures from the power of the gathering skies. This is a fabulous interpretation of those times, with guest percussionist Colin McLeod's brilliant evocation of the atmosphere that must have prevailed, skilfully interwoven with Llewellyn's instinctively sympathetic approach.

    This album was composed by night, in the quiet studio of Llewellyn's home in rural Hertfordshire, using purple healing-plates to energise this wonderful album of renewal and inspiration.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Llewellyn - Musical artist
    Llewellyn is a top selling and popular New Age artist and musician who has produced a wide variety of relaxing, meditative and uplifting albums over the years.

    Much of Llewellyn’s work draws inspiration from his own interests, such as spirituality, healing, Celtic folklore and druids, and these influences shine through in the titles and musical content of his wide ranging albums. He composed many of the hugely popular Mind, Body and Soul Series (New World Music) that are designed especially for use with complementary therapies, such as reiki, aromatherapy, healing massage and Indian head massage.

    Many of Llewellyn’s albums have received acclaim and in 2001, Journey to the Temple was voted the Favourite New Release Album in the UK and Shiatsu was voted the Favourite New Release Album in the US.

    When not composing music, Llewellyn is a Crystal and Reiki Healer and studies Druid and Celtic Lore. He’s also a keen film producer and has produced several DVDs for New World Music.

    His partner, Juliana, is also a musician and Llewellyn wrote and produced her well known album, Woman Wisdom. Together they perform music across the UK and often make guest appearances on albums by other well known New Age artists.


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    CD: The Lost Valley - Llewellyn
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    Reviews - rated 4/5 based on customer reviews

    4 out of 5 By
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    This is a lovely, very uplifting CD that includes some of the most relaxing musical instruments available today. If you practise Yoga or Tai Chi this CD would be perfect for you as there is a lovely gentle movement to it. Perfect inspiration for a morning sun salutation. I enjoy listening to this CD, especially when I've had a particularly hectic or stressful day. It's nice to put on in the background while doing your daily chores in a relaxed and easy going atmosphere. I think that this CD will appeal to a wide circle of people. It is not too new age and it can be utilized for many occasions, and activities. If you have tried visualization then you will enjoy this CD. I found it great for visualising flying over great forests with the birds, it brings a great sense of freedom and stress less energy. With this CD there is are underlying sounds of the forest, birds quietly singing, frogs croaking and the gentle breeze through the trees, which seems to carry on throughout the album, it is very nice and aids the easy continuation of the tracks.
    3 out of 5 By
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    This CD runs for an hour, and six titles are listed, but each track moves gently into the next, although a tiny pause can be heard if there is a particular area that appeals to you. The Lost Valley is aimed at listeners who want music to relax by, but has several uses.

    As its title might suggest, The Lost Valley has a Peruvian feeling to it, evoking images of the Andes and mysterious rain forests. It has a fairly upbeat bass line, which I found quite stimulating, rather than relaxing, and I think it might be a good one to start the day with. I think that it would also work well with children, or as a background to artwork, since its imagery is visible and gently active. It could be just background music, but would not (personally) help me to fall asleep.

    I have used this CD both as a background to personal meditations, and during a visualised journey, and these worked well, but I think that its particular feeling and imagery might not work well for everyone, or for everyone's mood. I found that it generated thoughts and feelings that were too active to use it as background to healing sessions.

    The Lost Valley does inspire a sense of other worldliness, and in the right setting, perhaps a group, where participants will not simply be asked to relax or meditate afterwards, it could well prove to be the perfect introduction. It carries an air of mystery and a gentle invitation to spiritual exploration that really takes it out of the 'relaxation tape' mode.
    5 out of 5 By
    Worth listening to, a must have CD.

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