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CD: The Journey by Brandon Bays

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Total running time: 160 minutes
Total CDs: 3

They say: In 1992, Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a football. Yet with in six weeks she managed to heal herself, without drugs or surgery, by developing a unique healing process she calls 'The Journey' - a straightforward, revolutionary technique that can empower anyone to free themselves from emotional and spiritual blocks. On these CDs Brandon personally guides thee listener through her profoundly transformative programme. The Journey is fast and effective, and anyone from a child to a managing director can use it.

Brandon Bays is one of the most dynamic and innovative teachers in the personal development field. She lectures internationally and has appeared with Anthony Robbins. Deepak Chopra and other leading teachers.

'Brandon's inspiring story is proof of the healing power that exists within every individual. John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

'Brandon Bays takes her reader on a journey of astounding inspiration.'Deepak Chopra, author of Grow Younger, Live Longer

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CD: The Journey - Brandon Bays
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This 3-CD set accompanies the book of the same title, and to use CDs 2 and 3 which cover the Emotional and Physical Journey Processes, the listener would need to have read the book first.

CD 1 is just over one hour long, with the first 33 minutes providing an overview of the Emotional and Physical Journey Processes, and the last 29 minutes devoted to a healing meditation. Each time I have listened to this, I have floated off into a lovely place and returned feeling very relaxed. Without giving too much away, the listener is encouraged to feel their body filling with sand, and it's later release takes all the tension and stresses away. Very relaxing!

CD 2 is just under 45 mintues long, and is the talked-through version of the Emotional Journey Process. The listener needs to remain semi-alert, and using a copy of the Emotional Process sheet from Brandon's book, completes the relevant sections as the CD progresses. I used these CDs the week prior to attending the Journey Intensive weekend workshop with Brandon (April 2004, London) as I had not found anyone to go through the Process worksheets when I finished reading her book and was keen to experience the Journey Processes. However, both prior to and since the Workshop, using this CD, I have not been able to fully complete the Emotional Journey Process, for some reason I drift off into the ether between starting the Process and arriving at the Camp Fire, which means I have not done the intervening work to enable the Process to continue and do not have a relevant Emotion and associated memories and relevant people to process with! I do gain a great sense of relaxation from the CD, and maybe this is all I'm able to......more

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