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CD: Gregorian Devotion by Midori

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    Total running time: 50 minutes

    The Tracks:
    1 Pange Lingua
    2 Kyrie Eleison & Sanctus
    3 Veni Creato
    4 Resting in Cloisters
    5 Greek Allelujah
    6 Agnus Dei
    7 Gregorian Soul
    8 The Abbey Grounds

    They say: The mesmerising sound of a Gregorian choir echoes around the setting of an ancient abbey, offering moments of rest which allow you to relax and soak up the atmosphere. Nothing is quite so enchanting and historically rich as the warm caressing sound of Gregorian song surrounded by the dulcet tones of nature.

    Midori - Having travelled the world extensively and spent much time living in Japan, Midori is a spiritual seeker. His music echoes his own quest for the divine in all things and has a soothing depth that is both graceful and subtle.

    A truly amazing sound, this album could easily be considered his best work yet.

    We say: There are no instruments used on this album, just the echoing deep male atmospheric vocals of the Gregorian choir. Often at the beginning of tracks the gentle sound of birds and nature are used. This seemed a bit weird straight off but very quickly it becomes relaxing and appropriate. An unusual and well-produced album.

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    CD: Gregorian Devotion - Midori
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    Gregorian Devotion by Midori, and for that read Llewellyn, is a CD with an interesting history. The retailer Marks & Spencer has put this recording out twice already, calling it Sancturary, (I quite like this one,) and then releasing it as Gregorian Chants. Both versions have slightly different arrangements of quasi baroque music. This is the original, with natural sounds - mainly birdsong. You'd be forgiven, pardon the pun, for thinking it will mostly appeal to some one with a devotional side to their nature. Anyone, that is, who isn't worried about splashing cold water on their face and who feels a monastery or cloistered abbey is really going to do it for them. M & S must have wondered about this. That's probably the reason the music was added. And why they went for brighter sleeve artwork, because the sombre cover here gives - and this is the point I'm coming to - little indication of just how joyful the singing actually sounds. The content, you see, is so not some kind of monks karaoke night. Best used to evoke a sense of time and place in a listener trying to become still, Gregorian Devotion will work for visualisation exercises: I've given a copy to a woman who attended my awareness class who believed she couldn't meditate.
    4 out of 5 By
    My sister-in-law in Oxford bought this for me as an early Christmas Present, she knows I love historic places, like castles and old churches and buildings of architectural beauty like Gothic period which is what the cover of the CD reminds me of, and the music reminds me of when I was in Greece with my children in 2002. It's like the Byzantine music over there, relaxing and does take you back in time with a little imagination. I am only in my early forties but I like this to relax to. Though I cannot get away much with the ones that contain birdsong the rest of the album is enchanting.

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