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Frontiers of Health by Dr Christine Page

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    Frontiers of Health: 248 pages, paperback

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    Frontiers of Health is an essential guide to healing the whole person, combining medical expertise with unique insights into the human condition. Dr Christine Page illuminates our understanding of disease and its function and purpose for spiritual growth. In this excellent introduction to our subtle anatomy, Dr Page explores the chakras and their individual relationship to disease, pathology and soul unfoldment. Drawing upon her experience as a respected doctor, and observations of the many patients who have been her greatest teachers, Dr Page asks us to look fully at wholeness on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

    “A must for professional carers and aspiring healers.” Light, The College of Psychic Studies

    “…for those seeking harmony of the body, spirit and mind. Fascinating and packed full of thought-provoking advice.” Healthy Eating

    “This is a clearly written, very impressive and important bridge-building book... for the first time, one can see exactly how healing comes from within the subtle bodies being reflected in their physical counterpart.” Aromatherapy Quarterly

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    Dr Christine Page
    A trained doctor and medical professional, Dr Christine Page is now known as a mystical physician. Dr Page gained her medical degree from London University and specialised in covering paediatrics, obstetrics and general practice. As well as conventional medicine, she also trained as a homeopath and has over 30 years experience in the caring professions.

    Her knowledge and understanding of complementary medicine was put to good use and she’s helped it to become better accepted within some areas of the health care system in Britain.

    As her career has progressed, her focus now is more on education, particularly using are intuitive and mystic abilities. She’s the author of six books, with the best known being Frontiers of Health, and is renowned in both the UK and the US for her teaching and writing. She’s adept at combining the ideas of modern science with those of ancient wisdom and, as well as writing and teaching, also offers soul readings.

    Dr Christine Page views herself as a ‘messenger and bridge builder between different worlds’ and lives with her husband, Leland, in Northern California.

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    Frontiers of Health - Dr Christine Page
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    This book is a good reference for anyone, from carers, healers to the layperson, on the subtle connections between the mind, body and spirit, and how you can work on all these levels towards helping the body heal itself. Dr Page has written this from her experiences with patients whom she has worked with over a period of time and has brought together the medical and psycho spiritual side of most of today diseases and shows how you can break these down into the possible causes of these. She then goes on to show how these can affect the Chakras and how to go about helping clear them. She gives a clear and concise description of the Chakras and suggestions at the end of each one on how perhaps to balance them out. I found myself looking deep into myself, and realised how I got to certain points! It has been written in a very friendly way, as if she is talking directly to you, and I found that once I started it, I found myself picking it up when ever I had a spare few minutes, to continue finding out more! I know that I will be referring to it in the future, and that it will be of great interest to anyone working in these areas.

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