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Tokusen (Excellent) Kobunboku Incense - Large box, 90 long sticks

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    Incense weight: 75 grams
    Number of sticks: Approximately 80 long sticks. This may vary slightly though as the quantity of incense is based upon weight, not the number of sticks
    Stick length: Approx 25 cms
    Burn time per stick: About 60 minutes
    Manufacturer: Baieido, Japan

    They say: Excellent (Tokusen) Kobunboku is a mellow blend of sandalwood, Indonesian aloeswood, and Chinese herbs.

    About aloeswood: In Japan aloeswood is seen as a sacred and important wood. It is one of the most distinguished ingredients of some Japanese incense. During the Kamakura period (1185-1333) the Japanese began using various raw woods such as aloeswood in the making of incense. Some incense was used in a more recreational way while others were used in the most important of religious ceremonies. This led to a classification system for grading the qualities of aloeswood. The very finest quality aloeswood is referred to as Kyara. Good quality aloeswood fetches very high prices and this is reflected in the prices of the highest quality aloeswood incenses.

    Aloeswood is also an important wood in the Middle East and in many places is burned daily to accompany prayer. It is also known as agarwood, eaglewood, oud or gaharu. The wood itself has no significant aroma. Aloeswood is obtained from the evergreen daphne genus tree. When a fungus infects the tree a resin begins to form. When the trees dies this resin continues to harden and mature. This resin imbued wood is then collected for incense and burning purposes.

    In Japan it is considered a great honour to receive a gift of fine aloeswood or Kyara.

    Long or short stick? The only difference between the long and short stick is the length, and correspondingly the time they burn for. Generally long sticks burn for about an hour whereas short sticks burn for about half and hour. So long sticks are good if you are meditating for longer periods, or wish the stick to burn for a longer period. Long sticks can also easily be broken in half for times when you don't want them to burn so long though.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Baieido Incense - High quality Japanese incense manufacturer
    Baieido is one of the oldest traditional incense producers in Japan and has been producing a range of pure and high quality incense for over 300 years. The company has a long history, which can be traced back to the Muromachi period in Japanese history (1338 to 1573). The founder of Baieido, Kakuuemon Yamatoya, became a wholesaler of medicinal herbs in Sakai city during this time. It was a well known trading port, where demand for good quality incense was high.

    By 1657, Kakuuemon Yamatoya was specialising in selling incense ingredients and incense sticks and was able to call himself Jinkoya Sakubei. Jinkoya meant ‘aloeswood trader,’ and it was a name that only authorised medicinal wholesalers, who specialised in incense, in Sakai were able to call themselves.

    Later the name of the business changed to Nakata Baieido, still making incense with methods that had been handed down for generations. Baieido is now recognised as one of the highest quality incense manufacturers in the world today blending the finest aromatic woods and resins to produce a natural, mild, low-smoke incense stick of superb quality and aroma.

    Since Jinkoya’s incense work, the time-honoured traditions and incense formulas have passed on down through the centuries and the company continues to make incense to the oldest recipes.

    Baieido take pride in using both traditional incense stick making processes alongside more modern manufacturing techniques and new technology.

    When Baiedio incense products are being made, they go through 12 keys stages.

    1. The natural perfume, which is a key component of the incense sticks, it carefully controlled and analysed in the laboratory.
    2. The aloes and sandalwoods are milled and crushed together into a powder form.
    3. Next the powder and dyes are blended together.
    4. The mixed materials are put through a sieve to remove any impurities.
    5. The materials are kneaded to form a clay-like substance, called tama.
    6. The tama is put through a machine to form stick shapes and are then laid on a tray and cut to a set length.
    7. The incense sticks are dried out and any that aren’t straight are removed.
    8. The sticks of incense are cut into different lengths.
    9. The sticks are dried for several days.
    10. The incense sticks are adjusted with a board, to help prevent them becoming bent.
    11. Each individual incense stick is carefully inspected, then bound together with a fixed weight.
    12. The sticks are checked again, before being packed up.

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    Tokusen (Excellent) Kobunboku Incense - Large box, 90 long sticks
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    The Tokusen (Excellent) Kobunboku is the next one up in the kobunboku range. It is basically a very similar formula to the plain kobunboku but differs in that it has a hint of aloeswood. This brings the price up per gram slightly as aloeswood is such a premium ingredient. Compared to the original kobunboku this has more of a kick to it when you open the packet. It is still a very fine and sweet exotic smell. When burning it has a strong and upstanding character.

    When making a choice between the original kobunboku and this premium one the basic question is do you want aloeswood in your incense? Aloeswood is a wood that has been used in ceremonies throughout history. In incense it has a sweet burnt smell which is pleasant and captivating. You keep going back to it to smell it again to almost try to understand it. Maybe this is why it has been used in ceremonies for so long because it is so mysterious and represents a kind of searching quality. But really when making your choices don't worry too much. All the Baieido incenses are just of excellent quality. They take so much pride in what they produce. The differences are often subtle.

    This incense is great for meditation and for background for all spiritual activities as well as for burning around the house or for relaxation.

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