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Palo Santo Compressed Chip Logs (4 Inches Approx)

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Palo Santo Compressed Chip Logs with Rosemary & Myrrh

These 'logs' contain tiny chips of Palo Santo that have compressed together with Rosemary and Myrrh. You can also choose these with the addition of Lavender (they will still contain Rosemary, Myrrh and Palo Santo).

On the Packet
An aromatic incense, Palo Santo is a natural wood known for centuries by the incas and other indigenous cultures as a spiritual remedy. Used for purifying, cleansing, and to get rid of evil spirits, misfortune or calamity.

Size of Chip Logs: Approximately 3" long by 1.5" wide.

Country of Origin: Nothern Peru

Sustainability: All our Palo Santo products are guaranteed legally and ethically harvested and fair trade. For more information about this, please see below in our extra information about Palo Santo.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Palo Santo - Also known as 'Holy Wood', used for cleansing and healing.
Palo Santo is a tree that can typically be found in South America in areas such as Peru and Ecuador; it's name in Spanish literally means "Holy Wood" and is often referred to by this name. It is been used and revered to by many for hundreds of years for it's cleansing, spiritual, healing and medicinal properties, similar to the properties that can be found by using Sage and Cedar. It has a delicate sweet, fresh and woodsy aroma with hints of mint and citrus.

The properties of Palo Santo wood makes it ideal for use in cleansing of places, people and objects, for clearing ceremonies and before meditation or prayer.

All our Palo Santo products have been traditionally, legally and ethically gathered and harvested. Traditionally a Palo Santo tree lasts for around 80 years and the wood is only used once the tree has been dead for 4-10 years (when the tree is alive, the scent is completely devoid in the wood). It is only once the wood has been untouched where it has grown that it will then create its exceptional properties. All trees that have been used are harvested through a sustainable and natural process.

Copal resin - Healing, spiritual, intuition
The copal tree is originally believed to have grown in Mexico, but now it can be found in a range of places, including western Africa, India, Central and Southern America. It's the resin that's considered most precious and in ancient times it was even more so if it came from trees that had been hit by lightning. The Mayans regarded copal resin as extremely sacred, only daring touch it on their altars with special instruments, not their bare hands.

As incense, resin is best burned on charcoal or in a fire and emits a high quality, pure aroma - something that can come as a surprise, as prior to burning there's practically no scent at all! Copal resin from Central America comes in three varieties - white, gold/golden and black.

The white form has a light, bright, fruity scent. It's said to be cleansing for the spirit and can help with mental and spiritual work. Unlike the other forms, white is harvested as a liquid then left until it's dried out.

Gold or golden copal resin has a richer and smoother aroma than white, with warmer, more exotic overtones. It's believed to help open the soul and can stimulate imagination, intuition and creativity. Due to its golden yellow colour, the Mayans typically burnt it at sunrise to honour the sun god.

Black or night copal, as it's sometimes called, has the heaviest fragrance. It's often described as mystical and mysterious and is said to carry the "secret energies of the night." It's regarded as a grounding and calming fragrance, helping people connect to the deeper levels of their soul. It's burned a lot in Mexico, but particularly on the Day of the Dead, when it's said to be used to help souls find their way back home.

Each of the copal resin types is useful in a healing capacity. They can be used on their own or combined together.

Lavender flowers - Balance, sacred connection
The striking purple flowers of lavender (Lavandula officianalis) are highly fragranced - a scent that you'll either love or hate! It's been used by a variety of societies through the ages and has gained alternative folk names such as Elf Leaf, Nard and Spike. Alchemists believed lavender was ruled by the planet Mercury, North African women thought it had the power to provide protection against maltreatment from their spouses and it was a common ingredient in love spells.

The distinctive flowers can be burned, put into sachets or left uncovered in an open bowl to release the scent. Lavender is renowned for its calming energy, helping to rebalance tired and distorted emotions. It's particularly good for easing headaches, anxiety, depression and dispelling insomnia, but it's also said to be helpful for restoring the connection to the sacred realm.

It's very versatile, so whether you want a pleasant aroma, need aid for alleviating a health condition or are seeking something to increase your spiritual intentions during meditation, lavender could be the answer.

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Palo Santo Compressed Chip Logs (4 Inches Approx)
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As someone who uses palo santo sticks I love the chip log even more. I chose palo santo and copal, and it burns for quite a while and smells great! Will definately buy this product again.

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