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CD: Calm Ocean by Medwyn Goodall

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    Total running time: 51 minutes

    The Tracks
    1 Heart Of The Forest
    2 The Cloud Forest

    They say: Against a gentle background of authentic rain forest birdsong, Midori creates the perfect ambience for the soulful tones of the native bamboo flute, panpipes and marimba to create a sound that will deliver you straight to the heart of this tropical haven. Mystical, yet melodic and soothing, rain forest is the perfect companion for such a journey. Having travelled the world extensively and spent much time living in Japan, Midori is a spiritual seeker. His musk echoes his own quest for the divine in all things and has a soothing depth that is both graceful and subtle.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Medwyn Goodall - Musical artist
    Medwyn Goodall is one of the leading lights and success stories in the New Age music scene.

    He learnt to play music as a child and is believed to have been encouraged to pursue a music career after meeting pop star, Cliff Richard. Medwyn plays multiple instruments (guitar, piano, harp, flute, panpipes, synthesizer, drums and more) and has composed and recorded a wide repertoire of music, amassing nearly four million album sales worldwide so far.

    Medwyn draws his inspiration from nature, ancient mysteries and cultures and composes haunting melodic instrumental music. His album Earth Healer was voted the leading instrumental album of 1992 and several albums reached Gold album status. In particular, Medicine Woman won Gold, Platinum and the Best Album Ever awards in 2002 for selling over 450,000 copies.

    In 2003, Medwyn launched his own New Age record label, MG Music, and has realised his dream of helping many established and new artists to release albums.

    As well as releasing many albums under his own name, Medwyn also uses the alias Midori to record music with more of an ethnic, eastern and healing slant.

    Medwyn was born in Yorkshire and now lives in rural Cornwall with his wife, Wendy. He continues to compose and record his music from the comfort of his private studio.


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    CD: Calm Ocean - Medwyn Goodall
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    A peaceful, gentle and incredibly calming CD. The first track is purely the refreshing and deeply relaxing sound of the waves along the shore. A lovely reminder of just being by the seashore, enjoying the sight, smells and sounds of the wonderful place between the land and the ocean. A taste of tremendous tranquility. The second track follows through with the sounds of the ocean, but is mixed with the very lingering and evocative sounds of flute, this works to make track 2 a more soothing piece than track 1. Track 2 feels more like a journey, with the flute it felt as though my spirit was soaring above and with the waves.

    Perfect to play for a bit of ocean therapy, it is perfect to unwind to after a busy or chaotic day. Fabulous for deep relaxation, or even ocean meditations or magick, especially those that relate to the mystery and the depths of the ocean - it is a surprisingly versatile CD. Mixes the best in pure nature sounds with the best in New Age Music for relaxation.
    5 out of 5 By
    Lovely CD, really relaxing. I enjoyed the sea sounds so much that I thought that the instrumentation on the second half might ruin it but it was actually very well done and harmonious. Listening to this brings back happy memories of time spent on quiet beaches listening to the sea.
    5 out of 5 By
    Excellent. If you have ever laid on a beach and wished you could bottle the sounds and feel of the ocean, then this is a must. It is a great aid to relaxation and as a sufferer of fibromyalgia, which is attributed to poor sleep patterns, I have found this CD a natural aid to sleep. May I also add that the customer service is excellent. Fast postage and excellent packaging.

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