CD: Aura Workshop by Cassandra Eason

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    Total running time: 65 minutes
    Total CDs: 1

    The Tracks:
    1. Introduction, understanding the Aura
    2. Sensing the Aura
    3. The innermost red Aura layer
    4. The second orange Aura layer
    5. The third yellow Aura layer
    6. The fourth green Aura layer
    7. The fifth blue layer of the Aura
    8. The sixth indigo or purple layer of the Aura
    9. The seventh violet, white, gold layer of the Aura
    10. Seeing the Mood Aura
    11. Seeing the Personality Aura
    12. Seeing the whole Aura and its health
    13. Cleansing the Aura
    14. Energising the Aura
    15. Sealing the Aura
    16. Using colours to strengthen the Aura
    17. Auras in your daily life

    Back of CD says: We are all spiritual beings within a physical body and our inner spiritual body is made up of a rainbow light aura that radiates beyond our physical form. Our auras can become blocked or too active because of the stresses of everyday life.

    In this specially recorded Aura Workshop, top author Cassandra Eason explains our auras and teaches us how to cleanse, revitalise and seal them so that we are more resistant to the harmful effects of the modern world around us.

    Dictionary Terms Explained

    Paradise Music - Leading new age music label
    Paradise music is a rapidly expanding "new age" music label founded by one of the leading and best known artists in this field, Llewellyn, and his wife Juliana, who is also a well respected and popular recording artist.

    Paradise Music

    They have brought out CDs by well loved established artists as well as nurturing new talent and their range is growing all the time. They have also instigated new ideas such as the now popular "Workshop" series and also CD greeting cards (ie a greeting card with a CD inside the front cover).

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    CD: Aura Workshop - Cassandra Eason
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    Cassandra Eason presents an interesting 65 minute Aura Workshop, by the end of which, she explains to the listener how to feel the layers of the aura and also how to cleanse, revitalise and seal it. She begins with an introduction explaining what the aura is. Within this she talks about conditions of the aura such as those which are jagged or knotted. A degree of sensitivity is perhaps a prerequisite for the CD as the exercises help the listener to identify and begin to tune in further to feeling and seeing the aura with the minds eye and also to feeling colours. A complete beginner must also be able to use a pendulum as she doesn’t explain how to use one, for sensing the layers of the aura. Cassandra talks clearly about the aura, making it a CD suitable for beginners and more advanced energy workers alike. Aura Workshop is probably best done with another person to gain the experience and practise of sensing another's aura whilst doing the exercises. The CD comes with a booklet which explains a little more about Cassandra and what she does and also about auras, workshop instructions, and some information about the colours of the aura and their meaning. There is also a section on the aura and chakras, with pictures to illustrate. I imagine this CD would be very useful for someone who is unable to get to a live aura workshop and at a fraction of the cost of one; it is great value for money.

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